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Welcome to the FREE Sheltie Classifieds.

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This Site is for advertising Shelties and other items for sale.

Restarting for everyone.


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A Special Sheltie Picture for your Enjoyment! Looking for a Seasonal Picture of Shelties to Include here - Christmas, Funny Puppy Photos, A beautiful picture of a sheltie to share, etc. If you have a picture you'd like to share, please send.




Submissions for this area requested. Please include dogs name, name of people in pics, etc.


If your are like most breeders your dollars go into your dogs, not into advertising any more than you have to. This site will not become commercial with tons of ads for other products and services before the ads for the dogs. The free websites do have ads, but, they are not of our choosing, so please pardon.

We will not offer the site for FREE and then start to charge. This site is for FREE and will remain so. We will work with the site to make improvements and take suggestions of items to add. Please feel free to email the moderators any suggestions and ideas to improve this site.

Pictures are worth a thousand words and we encourage you to send your pictures of the dogs for sale as part of your ad. Size should be no more than 200 pixels in depth and file size should be limited to no more than 1.5" x 1.5". We can size reduced as needed though.

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